India ratifies Paris Climate Treaty: What does it mean for India and the world?

India ratifies Paris Climate Treaty

We present you with a discussion on the recent ratification of Paris Climate Treaty by India. This ratification by India has lead to a great support for the cause of the treaty and it is hoped now that after ratification by US, China and India, the three biggest polluters, the treaty will be able to garner the required 55% support ...

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Discussion on Rafale Deal and the Defence procurement procedures of India

Discussion on Rafale Deal

We present you with a discussion on the recently concluded Rafale deal. The Rafale deal, which has been regarded as the biggest step forward for the Indian Air Force, in the 21st century has made the topic of defence procurement procedures in India all the more relevant for UPSC Mains Examination 2016 and other related exams. If you are an ...

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