Philosophy of Bhagat Singh has answer to every problem in India

Bhagat Singh

GK Mantra congratulates its readers on the 110th birth anniversary of the great Indian revolutionary, thinker, socialist, reformer, leader and above all, the greatest of the freedom fighters that the Mother India has ever given birth to, Bhagat Singh. It is quiet ironical that, a person who proclaimed himself to be an atheist, had a name (Bhagat) which literally means “worshiper”. ...

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What Cricket has contributed to the Indian Way of Life

India and Cricket

On the eve of Indian cricket team playing its 500th international test match, let us examine the occasion from the point of view of a common Indian, that how cricket has changed his way of thinking, the customs of the household and his status in the world. I was introduced to the game of cricket by a famous TV show, ...

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